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    I cam across this list of movies The page is here First X means it is clean, second X means it is family friendly. Use it as you wish.
    List of Clean / Family Friendly Movies [+ Unclean “Children” Films]

    What the Deaf Man Heard Hallmark [NR]XX”Extreme Violence, but Excellent Message”

    The Adventures of Tin Tin [PG]XX
    Movies Names Clean Family Friendly Exceptions
    25th Hour [R] Lots of Bad Language
    30 Minutes or Less [R] “Horrible Language, Massively Inappropriate” “Horrifying” “Skipped through whole film then turned it off”
    A Little Princess[PG] X X
    Adjustment Bureau, The [PG-13] X Some Sexuality
    Aladdin [G] X X Clean movie, other than how absurdly skinny the princess is as in all Disney movies. Beware of the impact!
    All Dogs Go to Heaven [PG] X X
    Amadeus [PG] X Director’s Cut is rated R for flash nudity & language
    Amazing Grace [PG] X X
    Angels in the Backfield [PG] X X Violence & Bad Language
    Anne of Green Gables [PG] X
    Annie [PG] X X
    Antz [PG] X X
    Apollo 13 [PG] Foul Language, Short sex scene in shower
    Around the World in 80 Days [PG] X X
    Babe 1 & 2 [PG] X X
    Back to the Future Series [PG] X Some bad language [see comments], some adult themes
    Band of Brothers [NR] X War Violence, Sex Scene in Episode 9
    Beaches [PG-13] X Some Adult Drama
    Bella [PG-13] X X Topic of Abortion & Sad Scene of Car Accident
    Ben-Hur [NR] X X
    The Big Year [PG] X X Few Bad words, some sensuality. Sensual kissing scene b/w married couple. Clean, Family Film
    Billy: The Early Years [G] X X
    Blind Side, The [PG-13] X X
    Bolt [PG] X X
    The Bourne Identity [PG-13] X Violence & Bad Language, Sensual Kissing, Characters sleep with each other despite knowing very little about each other
    The Bourne Supremacy [PG-13] X Violence & Bad Language
    The Bourne Ultimatum [PG-13] X Violence & Bad Language
    Brave [PG] X X
    Bridge to Terabithia [PG] X X
    The Bucket List [PG-13] X Some Cursing & Sexual References
    Bugs Life [G] X X
    Cacoon [PG-13] X Brief Nudity? Someone please confirm.
    Captain America [PG-13] X X Action/Violence
    Captain America 2 [PG-13] X X Action/Violence
    Cars [G] X X
    Chariots of Fire [PG] X X
    Charlotte’s Web [G] X X
    Charly [PG] X X
    Cheaper by the Dozen [PG] X X Sexual References, Schoolyard name calling
    Chicken Run [G] X X I found this movie too scary for children under age of 4-5
    Christmas Child [NR] X X
    Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe [PG] X X
    Cinderella Story [PG] X X
    Cool Runnings [PG] X Quick Kissing Scene, Some Foul Language
    Cop and a Half [PG] X X Mild Language, Violence
    Cop Out [R] “Horrible Language, Massively Inappropriate” “F every other word”
    Cranford BBC Series [G] X X
    Dead Man Walking [R] X Murder, Rape Scene at a distance, some bad language
    Dead Silence [PG-13] X X Clean Language (some use of “hell”), Frightening scenes
    Deep Impact [PG-13] X X
    Deja Vu [PG-13] Violence & Terror
    Die Hard: Live Free, Die hard [PG-13] X Violence & Bad Language
    Despicable Me [PG] X X
    Despicable Me 2 [PG] X X
    Dumbo [G] X X
    Dustin Checks In [PG] X X Mild Language, Sensuality
    The Emperor’s New Groove [G] X X
    Ella Enchanted [PG] X X
    End of the Spear [PG-13] X
    Evan Almighty [PG] X X
    Ever After [PG] X X
    Fiddler on the Roof [G] X X
    Finding Nemo [G] X X
    Fireproof [PG] X X
    Five Mile Creek Disney Series [NR] X X
    Frozen [PG] X X
    The Fugitive [PG-13] X X Violence. Murder Scene.
    Galaxy Quest [PG] X X Older Kids 8+, minimal violence, positive msg
    Gifted Hands The Ben Carson Story [NR] X X
    Gladiator [R] X Extreme Violence
    Glory Road [PG] X X
    Goonies [PG] X Kids curse
    Gravity [PG-13] X X
    Groundhog Day [PG] X Romantic Comedy. Mild Profanity, No nudity but implied sex
    Happy Feet [PG] X X
    Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince [PG] X X Major Teen Love Drama
    Heaven Can Wait [PG] X X
    The Help [PG-13] X X Few scenes may be too mature for kids. 1 character suffers miscarriage, another victim of domestic violence, but viewers doesn’t see anything. Police office hits black woman. All around safe, clean film.
    Hitch [PG-13] X Shows people in bed together before marriage
    Home Alone [PG] X X
    Homeward Bound Series [G] X X
    Horton Hears a Who [G] X X
    Hotel for Dogs [PG] X X
    How to Train Your Dragon [PG] X X
    Hugo [PG] X X
    Ice Age [PG] X X
    Ice Princess [G] X X
    Inception [PG-13] X Violence. Slightly disturbing scenes. Suicide.
    Indiana Jones Series [PG-13] X X
    Incredibles [G] X X
    Infernal Affairs (Cantonese) [R] X Violence
    The Inheritance Hallmark [NR] X X
    Iron Giant [PG] X X
    The Italian Job [PG-13] X Mild Language, Violence, Shows girl in bra
    John Q [PG-13] X X
    Jurassic Park [PG-13] X X
    Kings Speech [R] X One Scene where speech therapist has the main character curse the F word numerous times as part of the treatment. Other than that, it’s a clean movie.
    Kung Fu Panda [G] X X
    Lady and the Tramp [G] X X
    The Lake House [PG] X Language, Disturbing Images
    The Land Before Time [G] X X Entire Series
    Lark Rises to Candleford BBC [NR] X X shows superstitions of village people
    The Last Airbender [PG] X X
    Last Chance Harvey [PG-13] X X
    The Last Samurai [R] X Action/Violence/Gore Sensual Scene
    The Lego Movie [PG] X X
    Letters to Juliet [PG] X X
    Life is Beautiful [PG-13] X Holocaust Themes
    Life on Liberty Street [NR] X Holocaust Themes
    Lilo & Stitch [PG] X X
    Lion King [G] X X
    Little Giants [PG] X X
    Little Mermaid [G] X X Does anyone find it problematic the main character is barely wearing anything and is super skinny and what kind of effect it has on girl’s self-perception and guy’s view towards girls? I do.
    Little Rascals [PG] X X #1 & #2
    Love Comes Softely [NR] X X
    Lord of the Rings – Fellowship of the Ring [PG-13] X X
    Lord of the Rings – Return of the King [PG-13] X X
    Lord of the Rings – Two Towers [PG-13] X X
    Madagascar [PG] X X
    The Magic of Ordinary Days Hallmark [NR] X X
    A Man for All Seasons [G] X X
    Mandie and the Secret Tunnel [NR] X X
    Marry Poppins [G] X X
    The Messengers [PG-13] X X Clean Language, Frightening scenes
    Miracle [PG] X X
    Miracle Dogs [N/A] X X #1 & #2
    Miss Potter [PG] X X Mild Language
    Mission Impossible 3 [PG-13] X Intense Action
    Monsters Inc [G] X X
    Monsters & Aliens [PG] X X Potty Humor
    Moondance Alexander [G] X X
    Mulan [G] X X
    Muppets, The [G] X X
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding [PG-13] X Non-sexual scene, but implied between unwed partners
    My Girl [PG] X X
    Nanny Mcfee [PG] X X
    Napolean Dynamite [PG] X X It’s one of those love it or hate it movies..
    National Treasure [PG] X X
    The Negotiator [R] X Violence & Bad Language
    Newsies [PG] X X
    Night at the Museum [PG] X X Mild Flirting, Checking a girl out, can be a little scary for very young children
    The North and South BBC [NR] X X
    Oliver and Company [G] X X
    The Other Guys [PG-13] “Horrible Language, Massively Inappropriate” Not for Kids.
    Overboard [PG] Some Bad Language & Sexual Content
    Passion of the Christ [R] Gore, Beatings
    Pay it Forward [PG-13] X Mature Elements, Substance Abuse, Sad Parts, Sexual Citations, Language
    Penelope [PG] X X Some Innuendo
    Perfect Man [PG] X X
    Pink Panther 2006 [PG] Beyonce’s clothing are tight fitting & revealing. Sexual innuendos. Should be PG-13.
    Pirates of the Caribbean [PG-13] X X Some Violence
    Pride & Prejudice [PG] X X
    Prince of Egypt [PG] X X
    Princess Bride [PG] X X
    Princess Dairies [G] X X
    Protocol [PG] Some Bad Language & Sexual Content
    Pursuit of Happiness [PG-13] X X Some Bad Language
    Raising Arizona [PG-13] X X
    Raising Helen [PG-13] X Thematic theme issues involving teens
    Ratatouille [G] X X
    Remember the Titans [PG] X X
    Return to Snowy River [PG] X X Mild Language
    Road to Avonlea Sullivan Series [G] X X
    The Rookie [G] X X
    Saints & Soldiers [PG-13] Originally rated R, cut down to lower rating, War Violence. Mormon Sniper?
    The Sandlot [PG] X X For-e-ver. For-e-ver. (#1 & 2 both OK)
    Saving Private Ryan [R] X Lots of Violence (War Movie)
    Schindler’s List [R] X Violence, Holocaust Themes
    The Secret Garden [G] X X
    Secret of Nimh [G] X X Both #1 and 2 are clean
    Series of Unfortunate Events [PG] X Dark / Sad Movie
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers [G] X X
    Seven Pounds [PG-13] Sexual Content, Bad Language, Adult Theme [Suicide]
    Shadowlands [PG] X X
    The ShawShank Redemption [R] Bad Language, Prison Violence
    Shrek 3 [PG] Tons of Sexual Innuendos, Adult Humor
    Sign of the Beaver [N/A] X X
    Signs [PG-13] X X Few curse words, scary but no gore
    Sixth Sense [PG-13] X There is a scene where you see a fuzzy silhouette of the wife in the shower. The focus in the scene is elsewhere though. Too scary for kids.
    Sleepless in Seattle [PG] X X Two bad words, couple sexual innuendos
    Social Network [R] Not Clean – that’s why its Rated R!
    Somewhere in Time [PG] X X
    Spy Kids [PG] X X
    Stand and Deliver [PG] X X
    Star Trek [PG-13] Several Sexual Innuendos, Short Sexual Scene
    Star Wars – Original Trilogy [PG] X X
    Stardust [PG-13] X Fantasy Violence, Risque Humor
    Stormbreaker [PG] X X PG for Action Sequences
    Stuart Little [PG] X X Includes: Stuart 1, 2 and 3
    Sugarland Express [PG] X X Great for Older kids. Young won’t get the humor.
    Summer of the Monkeys [G] X X
    Sweet Home Alabama [PG-13] X Language, Sexual References
    Sword in the Stone [G] X X
    Sydney White [PG-13] X Mild Language, Sexual Humor, Partying, Nudity implied but not seen
    The Tale of Despereaux [G] X X
    Tarzan [G] X X
    Thor [PG-13] X
    Though None Go With Me [PG] X X
    Time Traveler’s Wife [PG-13] Rear End Nudity, Sexuality, Bad Language
    Toy Story [G] X X
    Toy Story 2 [G] X X
    Toy Story 3 [G] X X A little intense for young kids. Sneaky reference to “Nice As..cot”
    The Treasure Seekers [N/A] X X
    True Grit [PG-13] X Violence
    Truman Show [PG] X X
    Try Try Again [N/A] X X
    The Ultimate Gift [PG] X X
    Two Week’s Notice [PG-13] X Sexual Related Humor, Language
    UP [PG] X X
    US Marshall [PG-13] X X
    The Village [PG-13] X X No Cursing, Some frightening scenes
    A Walk to Remember [PG] X X Some Sensual Material
    Wall-E [G] X X
    Wallace & Gromit [G] X X
    The Waterhorse [PG] X X
    Veggie Tales [G] X X Includes all Veggie Tale Titles. See Comments for Fuller List
    The Wager [N/A] X X Family Friendly
    War Horse [PG-13] X
    We are Marshall [PG] X X “grab your box of tissue! it’s sad- tells the story of a town and how they dealt with the tradegy of their football team’s plane crash- sad but definately uplifting!”
    We Were Soldiers [R] X “Extreme Violence, but Excellent Message”
    What Dreams May Come [PG-13] X X
    The Winter Stallion [N/A] X X
    When Zachary Beaver Came to Town [PG] X X
    White You Were Sleeping [PG] X X Some Sexual References and Kissing. Mild Language
    Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken [PG] X X Mild Language
    Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder) [G] X X May be scary for small children
    The Young Victoria [PG] X X “some sensual material b\w the married couple but no sexual scenes, mild language”
    You’ve Got Mail [PG] X Father & Grandfather being involved with series of younger women portrayed as humorous. Scene about Cyber Sex. People living together before marriage. Parents should explain talking to strangers online is never good.
    Zathura [PG] X X
    Zeus and Roxanne [PG] X X “Zeus is a little dog and Roxanne is a dolphin, and how they manage to bring a lonely man with a son and a career woman with two teenagers together. Sweet movie!”

    Please take a minute to contribute some movies!

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